Upholding Truths


There are always two sides to the truth – what we know and what we don’t, what’s revealed and what isn’t.

Honoring truth is a personal choice. It could be a tough lesson for many of us to learn that not everyone makes this choice. Some people choose to deny the truth even from themselves, usually out of fear, shame or low self-esteem. It could also be due to their inability to comprehend the complexities of truth. Some people just don’t have the maturity to live by their truths. They can’t seem to deal with its foreseeable consequences. They believe it’s better to remain in hiding.

We can engage them in the most transparent and gentle way to coax them out of their shell, and still, they may choose not to budge. Even if their truth is out in the open they may still lie to our face.

We must not allow ourselves to be polluted by their lack of personal integrity. These people have a way of sneaking up on our energy to plant seeds of doubt to cover up their own self-doubts. If we know something to be true, if our inner knowing tells us so, we must hold on to it. This is how we hold our ground, this is how we reclaim our power – by choosing to trust ourselves even if we don’t get the confirmation we’re seeking for.


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