When Leadership is Lacking


When it feels as if we have one problem on top of another, or problems just seem to hit us at the same time from all places, when desires and needs are not met, when there is a lack of communication, understanding and organization – it’s usually because leadership is lacking.

This is an invitation for us to step up and take more charge of our lives. Things go out of control when we are too passive, when we are not utilizing our power to shape our situation.

When this happens, we need to take our power back, assess the situation from multiple angles then make a choice on how to proceed. We should stick to it for a certain period of time and give it all we’ve got.

We cannot make a choice and doubt it, or make a choice and not commit to it.

We should put it to the test for a certain duration and set a timeline on when we can evaluate its efficiency, including the quality of our experience. From there we can regroup and come up with new ideas. We must accept the reality that we are never gonna get it right and done, that life is a continuously evolving process.

The waves are gonna roll – we can either see it as a life-and-death battle or an opportunity for growth. We can either succumb to its force or ride it, combining its force with our own.


Listen to the audio version here (thanks for the suggestion, Patri!)

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