Row Your Boat


Row your boat in the direction of your flow. Your being already has a flow leading you towards the collective stream. You just have to collaborate with it. Row gently, so you can savor the experience and enjoy the scenery. Allow your flow to show you what truly matters to you.

It’s both a journey of self-discovery and self-fulfillment.

How would you know you’re in the flow? When you are yielding to your inner pull. Going with the flow feels like a lighter option at worst and full-on joy at best. It’s also where you feel the most supported. Going against the flow includes multiplying your efforts just to float or create some movement. It also makes you feel more isolated.

You will not get life done. Let go of the need to get it right. When you are being guided towards a longer route, know that it’s because it’s richer. It can offer you more experience and expansion. Allow your flow to show you who you are becoming. Revel in the fullness of each moment.

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