Our personal relationship with Abundance


Abundance comes alive for us in ways that make sense to us, personally. Some people define abundance as having a certain amount of assets or money, some define it as having certain kinds of connections or being able to enjoy a certain kind of lifestyle. It’s enriching to learn about what abundance means for others, but it would be more beneficial if we stir away from the habit of comparing ourselves.

What we can focus on, instead, is to go within and understand how we might have chosen to define abundance, in what ways it shows up in our lives and in what ways we might want to change it to create a new reality for ourselves.

To me, I have defined abundance as simply having the resources (not only financial) to spend on things that are pleasing for me to spend on. Abundance, for me, is living with the FACT that I am always provided for (the evidence is there because I created them). It’s also knowing that I don’t always need to know how that’s gonna happen. As a result, I am “saved” from spending on certain things so that I can redirect my resources on others that would be more pleasing for me to spend on.

I want to be happy when I spend, regardless of how I spend and how much.

I don’t wanna spend based on obligation or feelings of not having a choice.

Likewise, this definition has also made me live a spontaneous life where I am open to all sorts of opportunities and experiences. This definition works for me, personally. It’s compatible with my personality, my values, and my desires. I have the freedom to change it anytime if it no longer makes me feel good.

Being aware of our own definition of abundance helps, in consciously creating the reality we want, at the same time, it also protects us from being pressured to conform to others’ definitions.

We tend to forget (or maybe we’re not even aware of in the first place) that our relationship with abundance, like everything else in life, is a personal one.

I have countless experiences where family, friends, colleagues and maybe even strangers have judged me regarding my attitude towards abundance, especially when it comes to how I create and spend money. Some would question why I’m okay with earning this amount only or how come I’m earning too much, why I don’t invest in certain properties or experiences, why I choose a certain kind of lifestyle, or why I save up money in this way and not the other way. There are those who feel like I’m overspending or that I’m spending on unnecessary things. The list of opinions goes on.

It hasn’t always been easy to navigate these situations, and I’m still finding my own flow, but it helps that I am aware of my definition and that no matter what others may say, I feel good about it. I release all judgments and all the ways I’ve made myself wrong or unwise for it. At the end of the day, we are the ones who will live with the reality we create, not others. We have the power to choose how we want to feel about that reality. Do we wanna feel happy? Miserable? Light? Heavy? False? Authentic?

We can always affirm or change our definitions.

Above all, defining what abundance means for us also helps us detach from it, in a way, knowing that what we create or what we have is not who we are. Who we are will always be immeasurably greater. This allows us more space to play with our power and our creations.

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