How do we know we’re in the flow? If there is joy.

Joy is the peak state of being in the flow.

Joy opens the “portal” to our greater consciousness. We feel joy because we experience our true essence as an infinite being which is connected to the energy of All That Is. Hence, it is powerful in awakening our capacity as master co-creators.

Joy doesn’t require rationalization, in fact, it exists because the rational mind is absent.

It cannot be premeditated. We can only tap into it by aligning with it in a spontaneous dance from moment to moment. Like a butterfly, it flutters away, as soon as we take even a minuscule step to contain it. Some things are simply meant to be experienced, and not necessarily to be understood.

When we are joyful, our heart center opens up, and whoever’s heart center is open, too, automatically connects with ours. Together we celebrate the moment. Anything is possible with this kind of synergy! We also influence others to open up just through our energy – like the sun ushering flowers to bloom.

Joy is always available to us. Likewise, it is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves and the world. It is valuable to tap into this state, not just so we can manifest our personal desires, but above all, so we can create a new state of being for ourselves. From this new state of being, we become more capable of giving birth to a totally new world.

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