Emotions and the Formless


Emotions can only be overwhelming when we are not comfortable in their environment. It’s like being familiar with the earth all our lives that we panic the moment we slip into the water. We’re so used to standing, walking, running and jumping. We only relied on our logic.

When we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by water we feel this instinct to do something about it – to paddle, albeit frantically, as if we’re drowning. We think we have to act on our emotions. We think we need to contain, analyze and resolve them.

We feel the urge to turn what is formless and mutable into something static. Hence, we either suppress them or act on them as if we’re being possessed. Neither is productive or necessary.

Emotions can be just emotions. They can just stay formless and illogical. It’s their essence. They have to move, they have to flow. They can end up turning into “static forms”, yes, but only in collaboration with us as co-creators. Insights on what action to take can arise eventually but we don’t have to act on them per se.

We can feel pain or desire, for instance, but it doesn’t mean we have to act on them. What we can do, instead, is to put ourselves on hold, to suspend ourselves in water. By doing this we’ll realize that we’re actually not gonna drown (like how it must feel like), instead, we’ll float effortlessly. Once the ripples have calmed down we can take action on whatever insight comes to the surface. It’s not wise to take action in the midst of a whirlpool for it might result in outcomes we haven’t intended.

Emotions signify the formless. The formless is what makes creation possible.

We can look at emotions as bubbles surfacing from the deep, dark abyss of our individual and collective consciousness. It’s where the most transformative insights come from. Nothing is more glorious than having the opportunity to be both a witness and a participant to the experience of awakening.


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