Coming Together and Falling Apart


What makes it possible for two people to meet is – Chance.

This is the bridge between consciously manifesting our desired relationship and partner, which involves clarifying our preferences and also purging what no longer works for us, and the actual manifestation.

Two people meet when their desires and energies align to the point that it collapses into a single moment (or a series of moments).

Chance can only take place in the present moment, with all the elements that make it up. It cannot be planned to precision. It cannot be orchestrated since it involves both momentum and choice.

We can, however, prepare ourselves for it by being receptive. We can do this by regularly clearing the clutter in our “system” and in our lives, by tuning up our senses to perceive beyond the physical plane, and most of all by being present in each moment, by going through life in spontaneity. Spirit can only flow when there is no blockage. We can only be ushered by Spirit if we are yielding.

This applies to anything we are manifesting.



This is also how experiences fade out or fall apart – when energies and desires are being pulled in different directions that it can no longer hold its ground.

It can be signified by a series of events that lead to a fork in the road or by a sudden shake-up.

Again, there’s no way we can have it under our full control. This is a spontaneous cycle, a dance, a restructuring of the pieces of the puzzle or a recreation of the puzzle itself. We can, however, prepare ourselves for it, too, by leaning into our internal flow that is in sync with the flow of Spirit, trusting that we are always being renewed and guided back to our truths.

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