Don’t look for romance. Don’t go chasing after relationships to experience it. Don’t look for someone romantic.

Romance is a natural by-product of being fully intimate with oneself, that one cannot help but be intimate with the world. It is a result of the deepening of one’s awareness and capacity to express. Romancing another comes from romancing the self.

If genuine romance is what you desire, go within. Create the type of relationship you desire with yourself first. Fill your own cup. It will organically overflow, and once it does, that’s when you know you are ready to meet someone to share it with. You don’t even have to go around looking for them. The flow from your cups will lead you towards each other.

Again, don’t look for someone romantic per se. Look for someone who’s as self-loving as you, someone who is committed to creating an intimate relationship with themselves. Through your compatibility and dedication, romance will blossom.

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