Setting Intentions


Intention matters, especially before we even commit to something.

Intention sets our point of attraction. It narrows down the qualities of what we are manifesting. It clarifies the destination, it crafts our path, it defines what success is for us and selects the types of challenges that could come our way. Setting intention shapes how we experience the journey. It also makes it easier for us to perceive the choices that are right for us in each phase.

Opening up about our intention equally matters, too. Knowing each other’s intentions makes it easier for everyone to have their needs and desires met. It gives way for a richer experience that adds value to our lives no matter how the situation pans out. Last, but not the least, clearly stated intentions can aid in resolving conflicts and maximizing possibilities. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to bring what they can to the table.



I used to believe that I have to give my 100% (or more) to anything I care about to do my part. This can obviously be interpreted in a variety of ways. Recently, I’ve realized, though, that this approach usually ends up in some type of imbalance. I am resolving to shift my perspective, and instead of offering my 100%, I would offer half of it.

I can vow to a 50% commitment to a relationship, for instance, or a project/career goal and I let the other party fulfill the remaining half. I would no longer take all the responsibility. Relationships, regardless of its nature, are meant to be a two-way street, anyway, from the very start until it ends/transforms. Furthermore, nothing and no one can meet all our desires and needs. We need to branch ourselves out into different aspects of life/passions for holistic personal growth. It’s usually not healthy to focus solely on one thing while blurring out the rest.

I have the right to decide how much I share. On the other hand, the other party has the right to assess whether it’s enough or not for them, and whether they’re open to receiving it or not.

Obviously, it’s not quantifiable. What matters is grasping the concept of identifying how much of ourselves is optimal for us to share to meet each other halfway. It’s knowing that we have the right to plot it and state it out of self-love.

It’s about having the faith that the other half will always be filled in a way that benefits us all.

Have you set your intentions for the upcoming year/decade?

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