Emotions and Intuition are not the same, although the latter can come through the former. Intuition is clear knowing. It comes from Consciousness – ours and the collective’s.

Intuition holds our truths. It’s what remains when the clouds clear up, when the dust settles.

Unlike emotions, it doesn’t vacillate, it’s not influenced by other people’s opinions, it’s grounded, calm and not attached to outcomes. Hence, the way to “access” it is by clearing our minds and by soothing our emotions until we can fully show up in the present.

Truth is truth is truth – it’s impartial, it’s not attached to origins or outcomes. It is based on and it serves the highest good of all. It just IS. It’s living, it’s evolving, it’s always in the flow. A certain level of openness is needed to align with it, to “receive” it.

By default, it’s not complex because it comes naturally to all of us. It only gets complicated when we are so absorbed by our thoughts and emotions that we rely only upon them for guidance. Thoughts and emotions are rich in information but they can neither grasp nor translate the complete picture.


Thoughts and emotions, can in fact, block our intuition. Internal conflict usually arises when our mind or heart says one thing and our intuition says another. It happens when we are bombarded with our usual thought patterns or when we’re drowning in our emotions.

Sometimes we mistake our internal dialogue as our intuition. We think a “higher power” or our “higher self” is providing us with the guidance, when in fact, we’ve just internalized the words from the people and social structures around us. Likewise, sometimes we give our emotions too much credit. We allow our passion, fear, loneliness to take the lead and take us over, blurring our own judgment out. In a sense, we’re operating by a “script” or a “programming”. We are attached to certain origins, outcomes and the ways by which events unfold.


Making this distinction matters so we know where we stand and where we are coming from. Sharpening our intellect and getting in tune with our emotions is the first step since they are vehicles by which our intuition can come through, but we shouldn’t stop there. Instead, we should master them to the point that we can access our “Knowing”, our personal “Consciousness” that is way more capable than our human intellect and emotions because it’s connected to the consciousness of All That Is. From this “space”, there is clarity, there is harmony.

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