Types of Perception and the Power of Choice


States of being and types of perception, in essence, do not have a hierarchy even though we use a limiting vocabulary to define them. Our “higher self” is not better than our physical “lower self”. Non-physical beings and beings who have “ascended” are not necessarily “wiser” than us like those that we refer to as spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. Source/Tao/Creator isn’t also a better “being” than any of its creations. Their types of perception are not of “better” quality.

Their “opinions” are not more important. We merely come from different “planes” of existence where one plane is inside another simply because it’s wider, but not necessarily better or higher.

Our perception is based on where we are in terms of existence. Our “higher self” is a part of us that is non-physical. It has a more expanded perception simply because it’s not limited in ways that our physical self is, hence, it can provide us with insights that we won’t normally get from our physical “lower self” interacting with the physical world. Hence, it can provide us with insights that we cannot get from our human mind.

The same thing goes for all the energies we perceive as “beings of light” who we connect with for guidance, comfort and support. They are able to perceive and do things for us that we couldn’t because they’re also not limited by the things that limit us in the physical world. We can say that they are also “us”, only manifested in other ways and forms.

They may have a wider view but they are not all-knowing.

All types of beings play an important role because all types of perception contribute to the expansion of Consciousness and Creation.

All beings have direct access to Source/Tao/Creator as well – it’s where we all came from, and yet we never parted with it.


Incarnating into the physical world is like going into the battlefield. We are like soldiers on the front. We call the shots, we take the blow. Out of our varied choices and experiences in physical form, we expand Consciousness, all “beings” in all planes of existence learn and grow. At the same time, they are also there to support us as we fulfill our “mission” or our reason for being here. Earth in the physical plane is obviously very challenging. Hence, teamwork is needed. All parts of the body need to work together to keep the “being” alive.

But at the end of the day, it’s the “being” that decides. We, in the physical form, take the lead in our lives. Nobody else can experience what we experience, nobody else can perceive in the ways that we do, nobody else can offer the kinds of interpretation that we are capable of.

This is what makes our experience, our perception, our interpretation valuable. This is what makes our choices powerful. The shifts that take place in our physical world reverberate across Creation.


We all have the capacity to access different types of perception in a spectrum. We can slide from one end to another. Each perspective has something valuable to offer. But everything should be filtered through our own individual discernment.

After all, it’s us, in the physical, who will live with the consequences of the choices that we make out of the perspectives that we take.

No, “God”, the Universe, Spirit, gods and goddesses won’t hand us down the instructions on how to live our lives. No all-powerful entity will judge our actions. Saints, angels, spirit guides and “wiser” humans have their own opinions but they cannot determine the truth for each of us. They are merely suggestions. We get to do that for ourselves. We have the power and the right to do so.


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