On Perception and Moving Forward

Perception operates in a state of flow. Our state of being depends on the conditions of the water and our position in it. At a certain point, the water becomes muddy or the flow becomes chaotic. We may feel the desire to move towards clear and still waters again. Sometimes all it takes is rain and some time until the water clears out on its own. Other times, we have to make the choice to move when we know that the water is stuck and it’s beyond our power to remove the block.


Sometimes, in our stillness, it appears as though nothing is changing. We’re just keeping ourselves afloat.

Sometimes, as we move forward we still feel the pull of where we came from. We question our efforts to move on. We doubt whether we’ll ever get to where we want to go.

Days, weeks, months, years can go by. Time is subjective and not prescriptive. There is no formula for how this all works. There is no distinction on where the old ends and where the new begins. There’s no door that we can just open, go through and shut. We wished it was that simple.


Perception is a state of flow. Memories, dreams, desires swim in the same stream. It’s difficult, if possible, to single each out. Events in the past, present and future operate in the same way. They are all in one place. We’re merely shifting our positions in it, sometimes adding new things or more of something, sometimes diluting the water entirely.


If your intention is to move forward, pay attention to where you are. Commit to awakening your capacity to perceive your own flow in relation to the water that is your life. Your efforts will pay off.

When your future is becoming more alive than your past,
when your perception of your past is shifting,
when you feel more at peace in your present –

this is how you know
you’re moving forward.

This is how you access clarity, regardless of appearances.

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