Emotions are the Vehicle

Emotions are the vehicle by which information can travel through across dimensions, space and time. It is fluid. It is like water. We remember through our emotions. We understand other beings, situations, and concepts better through emotions. We get “intuitive hits”, “gut feelings” “inner knowing” through our emotions. We are moved into action by emotions.

If we desire to access higher levels of information, if we long to gain clarity on any matter, if we want closure, if we want to tap into our creativity and go beyond the limits of what we know and what has been done we need to allow ourselves to “soften up” first. This means that we need to be in a more “allowing” state of being. We need to be like water. We need to be more open. We need to be more yielding. We need to flow. We need to tap into our emotions.

Our emotions come from and go back to a “collective stream” where all information can be found. We all come from and go back to this source. We are connected by it. Each of us is a ripple. We are waves in a bottomless and infinite ocean.

This is where we can find all the answers. This is where we are found.


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