The Divine Is

The Divine is the undercurrent.
The constant humming you’ve become
accustomed to.

It’s the energy firing through your wires.
The light flickering through your eyes.

It’s the images flashing in your mind. Random and senseless as they might be, they are not trapped by space and time. [ They are neither here nor there. They are neither memories from the past nor omens for the future. ]

The Divine is what you know
and also what you don’t.
And also what is

The Divine is the state
of constant fluttering.
It cannot be contained.
Only experienced.

Sometimes it will appear to you
as a familiar face, in a moment
but you wonder
because no matter what you do
you can’t seem to trace it back
from where it came from
in the first place.

It appears, it disappears
It reappears
like there’s been no gap,
like you’ve always been
where you’re supposed to be –

The Divine is what you know
and also what you don’t.
And also what is


2 Replies to “The Divine Is”

  1. Very awesome.

    But this:
    “And also what is

    I’d say the Divine is quite knowable. After all, you ARE Divine, so you, maybe better You (with a capital ‘Y’) DO know… but maybe little ‘y’ you doesn’t know yet… just not right now, not at a human conscious level… as the knowingness filters down through the consciousness veil, into this slow 3D realm. But this too shall pass. Forgive me, I’m just not one to prescribe to telling oneself “can’t”. There is no “can’t”, but yeah, maybe just not in this present moment or in some cases, perhaps not at this dimensional level, but knowingness is who you really are… along with all those other things that people “seek”, but don’t really need to, like Love, Joy, Abundance, Peace, etc. 🙂


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