About Life Paths


What is a Life Path?

A Life Path is similar to a natural habitat. It is a realm of its own but also a part of a larger ecosystem. It is alive. It goes through its own processes, it has its own cycles. It gives birth to beings with qualities, needs, and desires suited to its nature.

It’s a slice of Creation, and like the various natural habitats on Earth, it has its own contribution to shaping and expanding Consciousness.

We are all a part of one or a multiple of habitats, hence, we will be naturally drawn to certain concepts, environments, people, and practices. We are gonna be naturally skilled in certain areas.


What is the importance of knowing our Life Path?

Knowing our life path is both zooming out to see the bigger picture and zooming in to one’s individual point of view.

Without grasping the bigger picture, we cannot be truly at peace where we are.

We cannot really identify where our True North is and how to get there.

Knowing our life path offers us clarity – it empowers us to make more sense of who we are, how we are like, what we are passionate about, the desires we have, the experiences we’ve had, our difficulties, and the challenges we’ve overcome. It also offers us the courage to come out fully as who we are and take inspired actions to co-create our life based on our truths.


How do we know what our Life Path is?

There are countless ways to get there!

We can get there by any means that feels natural to us – because it is a journey back to our nature.

Spirit is always providing us with signs that are for us only. Hence, we cannot rely on others’ interpretations or their own personal experiences.

Pay close attention to your passions as well as your struggles – they are your signs. If something feels natural to you, if it feels organic, if it fuels your fire, if it nourishes your soul – that’s your truth. It’s one piece of the puzzle for you. You are the puzzle and you are the pieces, too.

Go forward in your journey and don’t forget to have fun!

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