Fire is Life, Passion is Life


Your passions are gifts. Allow them to nourish you. Allow them to usher you into transformations. Allow the world to be transformed as well through you. It’s okay to be afraid of them in the beginning. Take your time. Get to know them, be one with them according to your own pace.

Hold a space inside you where they can come through, where they can feel safe to move around, to play with you without being crushed or blocked off.

Passion is Fire. Fire is Energy. Energy’s nature is to flow. Earn its trust by allowing them to move through you. Befriend your passions, that’s how you master them.

Each of us has a purpose when we incarnated into our form. It’s unique to each being. The answer, like a seed, only lies within. Hence, the key to fulfilling our purpose is to nourish this seed until it grows into maturity and fades away again, culminates into a celebration of life through death in its form.

The way we nourish this seed is by honoring our nature – by allowing our needs to be met, by following our curiosities, by satiating our capacity for joy.

Know that you came to this world with all the resources, internal and external, that you will need in our journey of fulfilling your purpose. Know that each of us is a part of a collective – a huge and growing family. Our existence and participation matter. It won’t be the same without each of us.

Trust that you are always supported, protected and provided for.


When we feel like life is pointless and our inspiration is running low, when our days are just a long flat line, when we are dragging ourselves to finish one week after another, when we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, it’s usually because we are not living from our purpose and we couldn’t see the bigger picture. When we’re operating on a low level of awareness, we can only see are what’s in front of us, what’s pressing, we’re only dealing with survival needs or we’re busy with non-essential matters. From this state of being, magic is gone. We’re living under a rock, unaware that there is a whole world of richness above us.

The way to bring back life into your life is to follow your passions – allow them to lead you back into your nature.

No matter how long you’ve been tuning them out, once you tune back in they will still be there. What used to be a siren or banging on the door may have turned to be a subtle voice, whispers, squeakings in the dark. You have to be patient. You have to be gentle. If you are committed, in time you’ll be able to communicate with them. You’ll be able to finally commune with them. You’ll know it’s worth it. You’ll be glad you never gave up.

Go on. Tune out the world and tune back into your heart. Welcome the energy of your passions back into your life.


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