Waking up to Absurdity


So many of our perceived limitations began in childhood. I remember my mother having the belief that we couldn’t do certain things because we didn’t come from a specific background and we didn’t have a certain amount of income. She didn’t think that we could take swimming classes, art classes or that we couldn’t enjoy certain experiences like traveling and having fun in ways that others were. She didn’t think we could hang out with certain people because we’re not their equal, or that we can eat certain types of food because we couldn’t afford them.

Now that I’m an adult, I realize that all it really takes is some creativity to manifest anything we wanted.

Surely, prioritizing is a must, especially when you’re a young couple raising three children. But apart from ensuring that basic needs are met, there was a lot of room for exploring our desires.

We just had to allow ourselves to dream and play around with our power as master co-creators in manifesting them. Even children – especially children! – have the power to do this if we don’t put blinders on them or cap their wings.

Most of the limitations my parents had came from their beliefs. The world was not as challenging as it really was. I just started to wake up to how I’ve absorbed their beliefs even up to adulthood. From time to time, I would find myself replaying the same self-limiting beliefs that I’ve gotten from them and from other adults as I was growing up. For instance, sometimes I would find myself thinking, “I can’t eat this food because I couldn’t afford it.” when the truth is I can afford it! When I’m in a place of self-awareness I will catch myself in the middle of this and will stop dead on my tracks, realizing its absurdity.

I wonder how many of my beliefs were shaped this way. I wonder what else is possible if I wake up to their absurdity. What kind of person could I be? What kind of life could I be living?

What else is possible for you if you wake up to the absurdity of your beliefs?

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