Peace is an Offering

Offering peace is something we take for granted in our personal lives. We aren’t very much aware of its power. We don’t think it’s always necessary. We don’t know how transformative it could be. Yes, we can move forward individually in our lives – and many times we should, too – without having a dialog with the other party (person/group) to resolve an ongoing conflict. But even if we don’t admit it, deep inside we are still carrying a shadow of that situation in the form of self-limiting beliefs and unhealed emotions. It can spread like toxic air in our heart, in our psyche – it can weaken our state of being. Offering peace clears up the air.

Peace offering requires courage because in order for us to arrive at this place we must first come full circle with the situation, we must first allow peace to come to us internally. Before peace dawns on us, we must first reflect on what happened and how our actions may have contributed to its unfolding.

We cannot have genuine peace with blinders on.

Peace offering is about accepting and offering the truth for the truth is the only thing that can unknot a conflict. Truth can only arise out of vulnerability – hence, the need to be courageous. It entails admitting to things about ourselves we’d rather hide. It requires self-awareness and the desire to come back to wholeness. The truth that unlocks peace is the truth that heals – it doesn’t create more pain and more disconnection. It’s the truth that longs for unity. If we’re still in the energy of blaming ourselves or the other party, then we aren’t there yet.

Offering peace is setting ourselves and the other party free – everyone who might have been affected by the conflict in one way or another. It’s also releasing the old situation free – liberating it from all the shadows, all the heavy energies we have attached to it.

Peace is an offering – it unlocks our heart’s capacity to claim our new beginning.


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