There’s a place for everything


We can only experience ourselves relative to our environment, hence, relationships are integral for our growth. We cannot perceive our own movement if there are no other objects in space. We cannot know what our individual point of view is if there are no other points of view around us. We cannot know our truths if others do not express theirs.

There’s a place for everything. We cannot silence others’ voices without silencing our own. We cannot contain others in a box without containing our own free spirit first.

Censorship is not really the way to empower ourselves in the long run. It may be necessary in the beginning, or during times when we feel overwhelmed. However, what’s really gonna support us through is the light of our awareness and the continuous expansion of our consciousness. It’s about finding the meaning in each experience based on our personal truths. It’s knowing that things are always working for us, that we are always being led to our True North, that we are where we always need to be – even if that means being in the midst of chaos.

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