Your Truth is in what you Love

Your truth is in what you love, is in how you love.


The physical world offers an abundance of forms, but all these forms do not hold your truth. They cannot give you the answers to your questions. Your heart holds your truth. Truth is personal. What you hold inside is yours and yours alone. Nobody else has access to it as you do. No one can argue with your truth – not even Source.

Some beings, including humans, have not forgotten their truths. Some people have not been disconnected from their hearts. They still live by it. They go with their own flow, they come out as who they are, they express their soul in their own ways. They connect with the world and everything in it from the heart. This is why they are happy, healthy, abundant and original.

But some of us have been disillusioned as we grew up. We have accumulated a lot of blocks to our hearts that we need to do some serious purging first before we remember that all this time we are the ones we’ve been seeking for, the very things we’ve been going for have always been inside us.

Some of us need to go through a long, arduous journey and spend decades, after decades before we arrive home to this truth that has been the closest to us but we couldn’t perceive.

When we go after what we love, what we are really saying is “I deserve Joy, I am Joy”. When we gift ourselves with the chance to align with what we love – we reaffirm our worth, we reaffirm our truth, we reaffirm who we are.

If you want to know the way through, if you are aching to overhaul your world, if you are on your knees begging for clarity regarding your next steps – look into your heart. Allow it to draw you in and usher you out.

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