What if You are your own best resource?

You’re so easy to cancel your own fire as the support you need to accomplish your goals because you think that what is missing is what the external world can give you. You’re so easy to dismiss yourself as your greatest resource. You’re so used to looking down at your talents, skills, experiences, abundance, seeing them as insufficient.

But what if, just what if, just play around with the possibility that you actually are your own best resource – that you are the key to unlocking your dream life? That you are that benefactor you’re looking for, that romantic partner you want to attract, that mentor, that friend.

What if the support you need can actually come from you – and the rest, the external ones, are just secondary?

How could this possibility, if it turns out to be true, influence the choices you make starting today? How could it influence the outcomes, too?

– A message from one of my long-time spirit animals, the Hawk