Unlocking the Master Creator Within

How can I feel lack, when I AM where all these came from?


Abundance is an expression of one’s natural Soul Power. We are made of the same energy that created All That Is. This means that all the forms of abundance we desire in our lives can only come from within, and the only way we can unlock them is by occupying our throne of Soul Power – by unlocking the Creator within, and by becoming masters of creation.

How we create more abundance in our life depends on how we unlock and master our Power.

First, there’s a need to be more conscious of how we feel about ourselves. Do we trust ourselves? Do we know deep within that we are the key to the life we want? Do we know that we co-create our reality with Spirit and all the majestic co-creators around us? If we are not in there yet, then there is a need to focus on that.

Second, we must look at how we utilize the abundance that is already there inside and around us. How do we use our human faculties, our innate strengths, our talents and skills, our experiences, our knowledge? Do we keep them to ourselves, do we develop them, do we share them, do we share them from what intention? What is our relationship like with nature, with money, with material objects?

How do we spend our resources – Does spending them make us feel more lacking or more abundant? Does spending them make us a source of overflowing abundance for the world, too? Do we spend on objects, experiences, causes that are nourishing for all?

If we realize that we are not nourishing and sharing our gifts or that we are not open yet to certain sources and forms of abundance or that we don’t like how we spend our resources, then there’s a benefit on working on those areas.

Third, once we’ve taken a look at our relationship with ourselves and the world around us, we can have more clarity on which choices to make if we want to move towards a certain direction – towards a place of genuine, boundless abundance.


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