Love is Absolute


Truth in its highest and purest form is Absolute. There is no other way that it can exist. This absolute truth is not darkness – it is Love, it is Light. The only thing that can illuminate the thickest of darkness is the Light of Love.

Love is Absolute. However, because we have incarnated into physical form, and we have entered this illusion of separateness from our true non-physical nature, we rarely experience Love in its Absolute essence. We find that it’s usually a replica or a shadow of the real thing. Hence, we are not satiated.

But we can actually experience Love in its Absolute form when we are profoundly connected – to ourselves, to another being (human or not), to Earth, to our work, to our roots, to a cause, to a place, to a project, to a goal, among others.

Being in Love is the absence of our individuality and single point of view that we are so familiar with because Love is unbounded.  Being in Love reminds us of the truth that We are One.

Anytime the illusion of separation dissolves – we experience Love. Anytime we are free of our mind, when we are in a state of Oneness and Flow – we are in Love. Anytime we feel at our most natural, anytime we feel light – we are in Love.

Being in Love, really, is the only way we can go back home to who we are – Pure Light. Earthly love may feel limiting in many ways, but it’s still our best and our only chance to go back to Love in its Absoluteness.

The love we have the capacity for giving and receiving and the love that grows in parallel with our awareness is Holy – offer and receive it like it is.

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