Emotion is our Compass

Incarnating as a human means that we don’t just gain our physical form, we also gain our mind and our emotional body. Imagine these three as bodysuits that we take on as we go from pure light to material form. We acquire them as gifts because we need them to survive and thrive in our journey in the physical world.

Today I would like to focus on the emotional “bodysuit”. Emotion is our compass. It’s meant to be a tool for us to know which action/direction can work for or against us at each given moment.

Likewise, emotion is like water, it’s nature is to flow. It’s not meant to solidify or stay in one place.


Being a human is to feel a whole range of emotions by default. We can go from joy to sadness to anger to shame to peace, and basically, repeat the cycle or experience a different one. Going through our emotions doesn’t mean there is something “wrong” with us. On one hand, it can signify that there are issues we need to look at and parts of ourselves we have to love into Wholeness (but it still doesn’t imply there is something “wrong” with us). On the other hand, coming from a wider point of view it can simply mean that we are human. Being human means pain because pain is one of the many human emotions, and so is joy, peace, love. Our capacity for pain comes with our capacity for joy.

There are two ways we can work with our emotional bodysuit:

1. Focused awareness

When an emotion arises in us, we can expand into our Being and observe it. Allow it to rise. Being in solitude helps. Breathing helps. Anything that softens our focus and takes us in the flow helps (as long as it’s not to escape). Allow it to offer us the gift it wants to offer us. Allow it to fall. Allow it to fade. Allow it to flow. Allow new emotions to come through.

2. Analysis

When an emotion arises, we can try to capture it by analyzing it. We do this by judging the emotion or judging ourselves by simply having it. Phrases like “I’m not supposed to feel this way”, “I thought I’ve resolved this but now I’m back on square one”, “I don’t want to feel this way.”, “I hate emotions, I don’t like emotions, I’m not good with emotions”, “Life is tough, the world is crap, I feel restricted, I want to die, I hate this world…” are just some of the tough words we use to point at emotion and see it as an anomaly, a mistake, a sin, an illness that has to be cured.

When we analyze, we are putting blocks around and on top of emotion so it can’t flow. This is why we feel stuck or drowning in it. We feel it overpowering us. We feel overwhelmed by it. However, emotion doesn’t want to trap us, it doesn’t even want to stay – it wants to flow but we are blocking its path.

Being an introvert, an empath, and a hypersensitive person entails that I develop an empowering relationship with my emotional bodysuit. Growing up I’ve gotten all kinds of messages towards emotion. Some say we should control it, some say we should follow it, some are biased against certain kinds of emotions, some condemn themselves and other people who they label as emotional (aren’t we all?). But what I’ve learned in my journey is that there is no need to analyze emotion, because as I said previously, analysis means judgment and anything that we judge we contain and anything that we contain, contains us. We also don’t need to “follow” it or act upon it (whether towards it or away from it). We don’t need to take any action on it if we are not inspired to do so.


Again, emotion is meant to be a tool for us – a compass. We are still the Masters. We can maximize it by paying attention and using the gift it offers us into shifting our perspective towards the direction that we want to align with.

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