Master the Elements, Master Yourself


What you see as fragmentation is what makes you Whole. The fragmented parts that you perceive are what’s keeping you from becoming rigid. The various aspects of ourselves are like my many heads – we need them to embody different points of view so we can see ourselves as an entire body, so we can see Conscious Creation as a whole, the same way we have fragmented ourselves as Source energy into a plethora of forms on our planets and beyond.

All elements have the same characteristics in each other, some are just more expressed than others. I am focused fire energy. When water pours down on me, do I vanish, or do I transform and become water, air, earth?

Source has expressed itself in your form in a unique way but you’re still made up of the same elements that make everything up. You’re not different from a rock, an insect, moss, the ocean, the stars, yet you are also unlike anything that has been, that is, that will ever be.

Master the elements, master yourself.

– Imparting a message from the mighty three-headed spirit dragon from Mars who came forward to me today ❤


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