All is Full of Love

The process of creation transforms the creator first. When one dedicates themselves into bringing something they’re passionate about into form it nourishes them above all. Creation empowers because it aligns the creator with their nature – cultivating ideas and bringing them to life.

Once a creator shares their work with others, their offering becomes empowering, too. Their work reconnects others to their own creator essence as well.

Their work heals because it’s made with love. It’s Love incarnated.

This is what Christ was imparting when he blessed and shared the bread and wine with his friends. Because we are essentially Divine, we are made with the same energy that created All That Is,

anything that we pour our hearts into, anything that we bless becomes powerful – and when our offering is received with an open heart, it heals.

There is no limit to the ways we can offer and receive Love. As my favorite Björk song says, “All is Full of Love”.


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