Solitude is a Gift

Solitude is a Gift.

This was the message I’ve received from the Philippine Tarsiers as I visited their sanctuary in Bohol recently. When you pay them a visit you have to keep quiet, you cannot take photos with flash and you cannot touch them. Tarsiers thrive in solitude and they are sensitive to light and sounds. The tour is quick, there are signs and guides all around the area ensuring that order is kept. The Tarsiers are protected. Their nature is respected.

That visit was very healing for me. All my life I’ve struggled with my introversion, empathic abilities, and hypersensitivity. Many times I’ve felt like an outcast and I had to keep on relearning how to love my nature. Once again, nature has reaffirmed me not only for showing me that my characteristics are not odd but also for making me appreciate the value of what I have to offer the world.

Solitude is a gift to everyone, especially to those who have forgotten its importance to the mind, body, and soul. Many people are not even aware that it’s what’s missing in their lives, that not having enough solitude is the reason why they lack clarity, focus, creativity, peace, and joy.

Naturally solitary beings can offer this gift to others without even trying, being ourselves is enough. Our solitary nature deserves to be honored. Our needs deserve to be fulfilled like everybody else’s.


My photo of one of them, my spirit animals. 🙂

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