Moving away and towards our own Light


All of us can be “energy vampires” at any point in time, depending on where we are in our vibration. If we’re feeling good about ourselves and our lives, it also means that we are coming from our Soul Power, we are connected to Source where all life comes from. We are beaming with life.

When we are truly feeling good, we overflow. We grace the world with our aliveness. Our energy is coming from the well inside and flows over to the outside world – it’s a sensation of opening up, of blossoming. We naturally want to share, we genuinely want to give. When we are feeling low the sensation is the opposite – we are closing off, we are holding back. We feel emptiness, lack, fear, hence we grow the tendency to consume from the outside to feed the hole inside. We don’t believe we are enough, so we take and take and take.

We use the terms “leeching” and “vampire” because we don’t genuinely want to give when we are in this vibration. When we give it’s only because we want to take, and we want to take more.

We leech on to other people’s energy because we don’t believe we can provide ourselves with the same energy that they have – whatever it is we feel we need. We can be conscious or unconscious that it is what we’re doing, but even those who know they are consciously doing it are still coming from a place of unconsciousness because –

A truly conscious being is awake to their own Soul Power. They wouldn’t feel the need to leech on others’.

We can leech on other people or on anything external to us. We can leech on any kind of groupthink, an institution, a body of work, a kind of lifestyle – pretty much anything that we can outsource our power onto. Leeching on somebody/something external can provide us with satiation to a certain extent – until it cannot give us what we need anymore. So we let go and find another person/thing to leech onto. And that person/thing that we’ve leeched onto is dumped, or hated – forgotten.

When we are leeching on others, we are also in a state of comparison. We feel so unstable inside that we feel a strong need to be validated externally. We can leech on anybody and anything – including both what we classify as good and bad. We can leech on somebody we feel is toxic, somebody we actually hate maybe so that we can feed our ego and reaffirm our self-concept that we are right and good because they are not. It doesn’t have to be obvious all the time, we can also leech on people who have different beliefs and values so we can again feed our ego and reaffirm that ours are right or better. We can leech on people we view as weaker than us, less intelligent, less wealthy. We can leech on other people’s doubts, we can leech on conflict, we can leech on drama the same thing that we can leech on authenticity, passion, generosity.

It’s important to understand this because awareness leads to the freedom to make empowering choices for ourselves that would cut the cycle and benefit others.

If we are the “energy vampire” then awareness of the root causes can help us take the necessary steps to occupy, what I call, our Throne of Soul Power. It would help us see all the ways we are projecting and begin owning our projections. If we are the ones being leeched on, then awareness of how this happens and the possible root causes can empower us to create boundaries and make choices out of love and not out of fear. There is a tendency for us to condemn or push “vampires” away in order to protect ourselves, especially if we are sensitive or/and empathetic, but this doesn’t really give any form of closure to the situation. It only makes us close off and this can even perpetuate the unhealthy patterns on both sides. After all, nobody can take our/leech on our energy without our permission. The “vampire” cannot just “come in” – we have to invite them in some way.


At the end of the day, Love, and not fear is the only thing that can break this kind of cycle – and it stems from Self-Love.

The best way to establish boundaries is by coming from a place of self-love – because, in the physical world, Love is Boundaries. In love, we are genuinely free of any form of attachments. In love, we are enough. In love, we are infinitely abundant.

A truly self-loving person is strong in their own light and they influence others to reconnect and be strong in their own light, too. After all, we cannot wipe away the darkness with more darkness, only with light. By coming from our own light, we can make choices that would establish our boundaries and reaffirm the light in others’, too. In love, there is no conflict between the two.

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