Optimism isn’t about having an unconditional cheery attitude. It’s also not about blindly pursuing something because of one’s faith in the outcome, because someone says so or because it worked that way before. Optimists are not those who ask you to stop brooding over something and invite you to get up and dance – or take an action, any action.

They are neither fixated on any particular outcome or any particular state of being.

They don’t see the glass as half-full, they know it’s always full.

Optimists are those who trust that going within in search of awareness provides all the answers one needs at any given moment. They trust the process. They know that everything is always working out the way they should in serving the highest good of the collective. They know that if going through a deep ravine will propel a growth spurt in Consciousness, then it has to be so. If horrors have to be lived through to reach an awakening, so be it. They trust that they will know when to take action and what action to take. They don’t obsess about having control, but they have the courage to act based on their own guidance. Only optimists can fully show up in life.

moon beach

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