Tips in realizing your life’s Purpose

I couldn’t find my purpose because I’ve always been immersed in it, like a fish asking what/where the ocean is. I didn’t know it was giving me joy because I just couldn’t be without it, I’ve always been doing it. It’s the most natural thing for me, it didn’t require effort. It was never in front of me wherever I go because it’s right under my nose.

These questions/tips that I’ve used on myself might help if you’re hoping to realize what your soul’s purpose is in this lifetime:

Question 1: Pay attention to that which you always find yourself drawn to/doing. What is that constant thing in your life?

What’s the common denominator among your personal interests and professional work?

Question 2: When life throws you a curveball, how do you naturally cope up? How do you go through it?

How do you usually overcome the obstacles in your life? 

Question 3: Put yourself in other people’s shoes. What kind of energy do you think you’re giving off?

At your best, how do you usually leave them feeling like? 

Whatever the answer is, it’s gonna be something non-material that you feel nourished by AND something that you can offer to other people (something that you are a channel of, you receive it first and then you share it with others). You would probably need to try a few words until you find the one that actually embodies it. You may not get the word right away, but you may see a scene in your mind, you may get a feeling, or you may hear a song…it’s gonna come to you in ways that you won’t miss. Turn off your mind, forget what you know about yourself and let your senses guide you.


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