Tune Out to Tune In


Thoughts affect our seat of power. They can either make or break our confidence and ability to create what we desire. These include the thoughts we produce and the thoughts that we get from our environment, most of the time from the people in our circles. Hence, it matters that we develop the skills to discern which thoughts serve us and which don’t.

A thought is good for us if by receiving it:

  • Our heart lights up. It pays attention. It blooms. It sets us in motion if we used to feel stuck or it inspires us to be still if we used to be constantly moving.
  • Our energy rises up. We feel like looking up. We feel bigger. We feel more upright. We feel more grounded. We realize our true nature.
  • We notice that we actually want to know more about it, regardless if it’s comfortable or disturbing for us. We know there is something valuable for us in there.

A thought serves us when it’s in alignment with our deepest truths, based on who we really are. However, most of the time we are not aware of these deepest truths, so making a choice regarding what is good for us can be puzzling. Likewise, the indications are personal and subtle most of the time. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to how we feel. We need to get better at feeling to get clearer signs.

We need to get more attuned to what is “ours” (energy, emotions, thoughts, beliefs) so that we can get better in receiving our own signs.

Tuning out other people’s voices, especially those from the popular ones or the ones closest to us, is key, since the have the most power to influence us. Getting inspiration from the outside only becomes an asset once we have a better grasp of who we are and what is true for us.

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