I don’t know you, Love

You must be the force that pulls the waves into the shore, which makes the flowers bloom, which delivers the light of the sun to the earth.

You must be that thing that tugs on my heart when I look at the moon alone, that strong presence during nights when I’m nursing my wounds – watching over me, never leaving my side.

You must be that rush of goodness that goes through me when I eat nourishing food, my mother who protects my joy, the look my dog has when he looks at me, a reassuring smile from a stranger, that kind voice stroking my heart, telling me not to be too hard on myself, telling me not to worry.

I don’t know you, Love. Somehow it makes me think that you are in what I see when I look at my own reflection, or when I’m out in nature and I feel the clouds and the trees following me wherever I go. They’re always communicating with me, taking care of me.

Are you that twinkling star? The rain washing my face?

That inner child who never loses faith in me? Those broken pieces on the ground every time I fall apart? And the ashes – the ashes every time I rise again?


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