The one cup that matters

Our options are limited by the path we are on. If we play by the rules of the game, we can move further in any path and win trophies along the way. However, if we don’t think the end goal is gonna be fulfilling, and if we are already miserable where we are, moving forward won’t make much of a difference.  By this time we need to seriously think about creating a new path for ourselves.

Sometimes, we have to let opportunities and relationships drop as we do the shift, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to fail and lose if we are to choose Joy.

Sometimes, what we really need to do is to walk away from the mediocre – the not so bad, but not so good, either – so we can have the capacity to claim soul-nourishing fulfillment.

Sometimes, we need to release ourselves from our comfort zone to realize our true power in manifesting what we want.

Sometimes we need to let go of the nine mediocre cups so we can open our hearts to receive the one cup that matters.


child heart



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