My two year-old nephew wakes up at around six a.m., plays with his toys, feeds the fish in the aquarium, eats breakfasts, plays or watches videos on YouTube or Netflix, takes a shower, takes a nap, eats lunch, plays or watches again, eats snacks, plays or watches again, plays with the dog, takes a shower, feeds the fish again, sleeps. Of course, there are a few crying spells and kisses in between. This is pretty much his daily routine.

One might say that his world is pretty small, but do I ever think that his life is small or irrelevant compared to others’? NO. His life is as awesome as someone who travels the world continuously as a long adventure or someone who interacts with and inspires millions of people through their work. He is whole. Unbroken. Pure.

He doesn’t document his life to compare with others. He (probably) doesn’t reflect on his days. He only takes a pause when he hears a new word or when you ask him a more complex question. He lives each day as if he hasn’t lived the previous days in the same way, as if he’s not gonna do the same things in the coming days. He marvels at the world even though he sees the same parts of it everyday. He connects with you with both newness and deep familiarity, comfort. When he laughs, his joy vibrates through the walls, up to the sky. When he looks at you it feels as though you’ve never been seen before, your soul is touched. Your tank is full of love and you’re sure it’ll last you a lifetime.

He gives his life the reverence it deserves, by blessing it with his joyful presence everyday.

I hope we learn to connect with our own inner children. I hope we’re able to bring back the zest for life we used to have.

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