What Would You Do? A Visualization Exercise


Visualize yourself going up a cliff. You’re higher than the pine trees. Even higher than some small clouds floating by. Visualize going higher than the clouds until you reach the place where there is no turbulence. Visualize yourself sitting in a lotus position. Sit for a few minutes until the vibration of stillness sinks in.

From this state of complete order, what do you most want to do? If you don’t need to think about survival or status, if there’s no issue that needs to be solved, if you don’t have to think about making hard choices – what would you choose to do?

You should focus on those things. Your next steps should be guided by them.

Mine would be:

  • I would produce (a work of passion).
  • I would show up more (I would continuously be loyal to myself).
  • I would nourish my homies better (those people I consider a part of my soul family).

This visualization has helped clarify a lot of things for me, things that I thought mattered to me. I was going back-and-forth figuring out what I should be focusing on and pursuing next, but I couldn’t seem to get the answers that felt right.

Now I also know that the following don’t really matter to me:

  • Status/title/recognition
  • Fancy stuff/lifestyle (I just need to have the financial stability to do the three things above, I don’t need a fancy life)
  • Romance
  • My own kids
  • My own legacy (I just really want to live!)
  • Meeting certain standards when it comes to looks

The circumstances on how I do those three things don’t matter much as well. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on a passion project from a wheelchair or living in a hut, until I’m eighty. I don’t care if people don’t think highly of me or if they think I’m nuts. It doesn’t matter if being loyal to myself means upsetting a few or a lot of people. It doesn’t matter if I nourish relationships with people who have totally different backgrounds/lifestyles from me as long as I find a soul connection with them and they nourish me back in one way or another. It doesn’t matter if my soul family only consisted of animals and trees, or if I only have one or two friends. Focusing my energy on those three things is enough for me to be fulfilled. To me, it would be a life well-lived.

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