What can you bring to the table?

Inspired by Teal Swan’s post. In order to manifest the kinds of relationships that would be fulfilling, we should focus on what we can bring to the table. We should also identify what we cannot bring and when we can, make sure that we express these with the people we are/we will be in a relationship with.


What I can bring to the table:

– Working on self-awareness and authenticity
– Commitment to growth
– Courage
– Passion
– Wisdom from my own experiences
– Profound conversations/perspective
– Honesty
– Productivity
– Focus/sense of direction
– Autonomy (I will not ask you to do things/become someone just to be in alignment with me)
– Support for your goals
– Understanding
– Quality time/presence (quality over quantity)
– Adventure/exploration
– Simple joys and silly fun
– Intimacy
– Knowledge about things I’m passionate about like visual art, poetry, movies, the occult etc.

What I cannot bring to the table:

– Constant communication (especially when I’m focused on work or traveling, expect that you won’t hear from me, I won’t be updating you about my whereabouts and I won’t be asking about yours as well, but generally I don’t like chatting for chatting’s sake)

– A lot of time together (I am a natural hermit and I like doing most things on my own and I don’t need to spend a lot of time to nourish a relationship, to me it’s quality over quantity, mostly)

– Full disclosure of my life (don’t expect to get personal stories from me about my daily life or my milestones, I won’t tell you unless there is a point I want to make or there is something I want to clarify or you asked and I think it’s alright for you to know – let’s say, you’re my mother or you can learn a thing or two from my experience or I have a legal obligation to disclose LOL)

– Being present with you on social media (don’t expect me to know about the stuff you post online, if you want to share stuff with me share them with me personally/directly)

– Spontaneous phone/video calls (unless, of course, it’s an emergency – define emergency)

– Always asking what’s up (especially if you haven’t responded to me recently, most probably I won’t reach out again to you to ask unless I sense something is terribly wrong, this is connected to point no. 1, too)

– Joining in unproductive activities/endeavors like gossip, self-loathing, pursuing things that are unhealthy, just hanging out and not doing anything, just chatting without focus/purpose, listening to the same drama

– Always asking/listening for/to your opinion (I am used to making my choices for myself, I rarely ask other people’s input in general, I will let you know/let you in when it counts)

– Tolerance (I will not just go with the flow if that means going against what’s true for me, even if it means putting our relationship on the line, “peer pressure” doesn’t work for me, I don’t tolerate excuses, too, I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself first)

– Nostalgia (I prefer moving on when it feels right, I don’t stay or do anything for old time’s sake)

– Extravagant gifts (I’m more of the practical type, I prefer sharing experiences or supporting you in your passion/self-growth)

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