Holding our Ground


The reason why relationships sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride is because we’re not very good with holding our ground, we don’t take the reigns of our own vibration.

We let our vibration change depending on other people’s vibration. If the other person ends up feeling a certain way as a reaction to something we did, we let ourselves get pulled in as well. Even if their reaction isn’t actually about us or because of what we did, we still take it personally and make it about us. We let our energies get so enmeshed that we sink or soar with them. We shatter our boundaries, we let go of our best interests. We end up feeling like we’re walking on eggshells.  We’re always on the look-out for one shoe to drop or for the tower to fall apart. As a result, we’re always changing where we stand in order to accommodate the other, even if we usually act based only on our assumptions.

We do this with our parents, siblings, children, colleagues, friends, lovers – even with strangers. We’re always making it about them, that we are doing what we are doing for them or because of them, and in return, we expect the same from them. If our expectations are not met we get upset, we feel taken for granted.

We become resentful of them for making us do it, even though they never really made us do anything. We’re doing it to ourselves.

We expect other people to be responsible for how we feel and what we do. We give them too much power.

Relationships are a two-way street, hence, it requires us to open ourselves up to a certain extent. Likewise, balanced relationships require us to ground ourselves in our power first before we could meet the other halfway. This requires knowing who we are and upholding that no matter what happens, no matter who we are connecting with. It requires fully owning our power, knowing that we have the capacity to meet our needs, especially emotionally/vibrationally.

Love is about power that only comes from wholeness. Loving another doesn’t include asking for their or for our complete surrender.


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