Manifesting the Future

Projections of the future can never be 100% sharp because there are so many factors involved in making something happen – even for just a tiny, seemingly irrelevant event like a speck of dust landing on a coffee cup.

Even Source/God, cannot summarize what’s gonna happen and predict with 100% accuracy, even if there are things that may be fated. There are just too many moving pieces, plus, we have the freedom to shift our vibration and change our mind anytime (yes, even if our choices may be limited, there is still a variety). There’s no telling what can actually happen at a specific period in time.


What we can access is something like a “best possible outcome” based on all other possible (too many to count) outcomes. For instance, if I am a reader, by any means, I can project if a car will collide with a bus at 2:05 pm with some accuracy. I can project that they will collide under certain conditions, for instance, if they maintain a certain speed and nothing happens out of the blue like getting a flat tire or stopping over to buy soda or a sudden rainstorm. I can project even with 99.9% accuracy that it can happen, but it’s obviously still not 100% so it’s not guaranteed.

Some things can shift at any given moment and a shift can be powerful enough to alter an outcome entirely. Aside from that, we are also not able to give a 100% accurate estimate of the magnitude of a shift because we don’t have access to all kinds of information we can possibly gather about it.

No one can tell with 100% accuracy what we are gonna align with at any given moment – what kind of opportunity, change or relationship we are gonna be colliding with. Life is like Earth and we are like islands/continents. The Earth will shake, its pieces will move, some of us will rise and some of us will sink, some masses of lands will break apart, some will come together.

We won’t know which islands are gonna rise like we won’t know what we are gonna attract based on where we are vibrationally, but we can be sure that if we come from our true power, if we transform our energy from a place of lack to a place of abundance, if we do the soul work, what we’re gonna line up with will surely be something that we will like, something that we will find meaningful, fulfilling.

Facts matter, outcomes matter, manifestations matter – but they are less important than the internal shifts we can create ourselves.

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