Never Out of Reach


No matter how far away we might have come from the light – from love, from harmony, abundance, peace, authenticity, wholeness – we are never out of reach.

How can we be out of reach when the energy that makes up all that is – the sky above us, the ground we’re walking onto, the air we breathe – is the same energy that has created us, the energy that is flowing through us, which lives in each of our flickering thought, each pulsating emotion in each second of our life, whether we are awake or not?

This energy flows through countless openings to reach us, and even if we pull the plug and put the flame out of our own heart (which will take a lot of effort to do) and cut all ties with everyone – it will always find a way to get through. A subtle voice, a warm presence, a loving memory, a piece of sensible advice, a strength we never thought we had, kindness, spontaneity, and innocence around us – any of these many manifestations of love can have the power to soften us again if we choose to allow it.

Any good and seemingly random thing can take us back to the light. We’re never separated from it to begin with, it’s us who turn our back against it. Hence, we can always turn around again to embrace it, or simply stop running and allow it to take us back in. Any moment is the right moment.