Honor your Flow


Nature isn’t practical in a way that modern society is practical. Nature is not in a hurry. Nature doesn’t need to multi-task like we, modern people, do to maximize time.

Nature doesn’t run out of time. Nature is time.

Time is life. It’s always abundant.

Hence, it is abundant with pauses, as well, as it is abundant with action. It allows us the season to go within, to regroup, to rest, to transform in our safe and comforting cocoon. Spirit takes care of our needs as we complete the process.

One the other hand, Nature is practical in ways that modern society isn’t. In Nature, nothing is wasted – not a single drop of water, not a single fallen leaf or a speck of dust is purposeless. Whatever loses its purpose eventually ceases to exist.

You are who you are because you have a purpose. You are where you are because there is a purpose.

You are Nature. Satiate yourself. Honor your flow.

Revel yourself in the fullness of this truth.