Remembering the good part of Vulnerability

Remembering the good part of vulnerability.

Openness. Softness. Belongingness.
Knowing that I matter, that I am protected.

Knowing that I can nourish another,
that I am strong where I am vulnerable,
that I am big where I feel small,
that I am wise where I feel foolish.

Knowing that I can hold a fragile bundle of love
and have the commitment, the grace to not drop the ball
Knowing that I have done the same for my inner child,
over and over and over again.
Knowing that it’s how I’ve flourished
up to this point.

Knowing that I have shunned the idea of being a mother,
too much, too often, too soon
because I know in my core
it’s who I should be
if I were to complete this cycle,
if I were to be

on a new level of Wholeness.

I am ready to own my Power more, by owning my vulnerability.

I am ready to accept my own healing, by embracing where I am truly hurting.


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