Self-Love paves the way

Wherever you may be in your journey, how close or far you may seem to be from your authentic self, living the life of your dreams, know that there is always a short route that you can take. Know that this is always in your power to choose.

This short route is Self-Love.


Self-Love may have become a loaded word. We throw it here and there. We use it to soothe ourselves, give ourselves permission to pursue our own Joy and empower ourselves to make tough choices. However we define it will depend on where we are in our self-awareness journey.

What I want for you is to tune in to this Self-Love vibration and explore how it feels, flows and manifests for you. Explore your own awareness of it, know when you are in sync with it and when you’re not. Remember times when you knew you were attuned to it and what was going in your life then. Look for clues around you. Observe other people and see if you’re able to identify when someone is being self-loving or not. Explore why you think so. Look further into your definitions and assumptions.

While our definitions may vary, I believe that when we are in sync with it Clarity inevitably comes in as well.

When we are Self-Loving, we are in sync with our deepest joys, purpose and also our deepest pain and fears. We become the most aware of what our soul needs, what our mind and body need, and as a result we will be more aware of what the beings around us need as well. We will be more sensitive to how we affect them, we will learn how to co-exist with them better, we will learn how to love them deeper.

We will know the right lifestyle for us, the right environment, the right romantic partner/s, the right group of people, the right diet, the right career, the right books to read, films to watch, topics to study about, music to listen to…and pretty much each and everything that suits us and supports our highest interests in each moment.

We will know what to say or do and when. We will know when to take action and when to sit still. We will know when to be assertive and when to let things go. We will know when it’s best to stay and when it’s best to walk away.

It’s not always easy to follow the guidance we’ll get when we’re being Self-Loving, because Self-Love will require us to shatter old beliefs and habits that no longer serve us to embrace new ones that will. It will push us to expand our comfort zones, to embrace more of ourselves and to live bigger.

If you haven’t consciously done it yet, anytime is the perfect time to begin. Self-Love is always inviting you to join the dance. Take the chance and see how it goes.



2 Replies to “Self-Love paves the way”

  1. Very insightful post. I agree completely with your thoughts on this. My personal opinion is that self love is the foundation of living a life of real fulfillment. Great thanks for sharing a wonderful post.


  2. “…self love is the foundation of living a life of real fulfillment.” Very well said! Thank you for reading and leaving that remark!


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