How to Get Unstuck? Be Happy.

The title may be counter-intuitive. How can we be happy when we are stuck? Shouldn’t we get ourselves unstuck first so that we can be happy next?


To me, the answer is “No”.

We cannot move forward if we remain in the energy of frustration, boredom, shame or loneliness. Those will only keep us glued to where we are or we’ll keep running around in circles, going from one thing to the other only to find that we end up in a very similar place. We’ll keep attracting similar people, opportunities, issues.

I. How to break through


The only way we can break through is by shifting our focus.

Instead of focusing on what we lack, what isn’t working and what isn’t growing we should focus on what we are grateful for, in what ways we are supported, the things that are doing well because of our presence, how much we’ve grown.

Instead of focusing on the energy of confusion, on not knowing what we truly want or how to proceed – focus on what’s becoming clearer. If we would only be compassionately honest with ourselves, we would know the answers. These answers will pave the right way for us.

Personal experience: My life then was not bad, but it was also not good for me. I was lonely. I had to admit that I wanted more out of life. My soul was pulling me to expand. I have actually outgrown my old self.  I wanted to dream, feel and live BIG. It was a scary thing to admit because doing so would mean saying goodbye to many things I’ve grown accustomed to – including who I thought I was.

II. Silencing the external voices


I believe that each of us knows what we truly want and what is of our highest interest. We just need to silence the voices around us so we can hear our own.

How we do this will vary depending on how disconnected we are from our heart. Some people may need to leave relationships, quit their jobs, radically change their lifestyle, go to rehab, explore a new art medium or find a new form of self-expression, join a religious group (or find a new one), sell their house and move to another city/country. Some people simply need a few days or weeks off to be on their own.

However it may manifest, one thing is for sure – we need to carve out a space for profound Solitude.

Personal experience: I had to break up with my partner of more than 3 years (the longest relationship I’ve been in), stopped communicating with my father (who was a source of confusion to me) and quit a job that was promising and comfortable in many ways (a job I truly wanted for a certain period) in a span of a few months. I had to because staying in those only made me feel stuck. I couldn’t pull my power together. I couldn’t think clearly. I was repeating the same old story that was no longer working for me. I had no idea what to do next, but I knew I had to make those difficult choices if I was to get back to my core, if I was to find my Joy again.

III. Tuning back in to Happiness


As I carved out space for Solitude to come in, my long-forgotten friends – Clarity and Happiness – came back in as well, like waves softly crashing to the shore.

They’ve been faithfully coming back in all this time, but my walls were up and there was nowhere they can safely roll over. I was too busy serving other people’s dreams, too scared that these same people and opportunities would abandon me, even if they no longer (or maybe never did) had my best interests at heart.

Once I was able to access my core again, my old self start coming back, probably knowing that the war was over.

I was my old compassionate self again. I could be fully present again.

I began to be reacquainted with my old passions and got to know new ones, the beings around me came to welcome me back and re-engaged with me, new friendships dropped onto my lap like birds saying “Hi”, old problems were being resolved on their own, answers and support offered themselves to me, even long-standing issues of other people started clearing up – loved ones started creating changes in their own lives as I was going through mine.

Somehow, at some point, I saw my world and everything in it flowing again. Balance has been restored.

IV. Our Joy is our Power


Going through this process made me realize many things, on top of it all I learned that the equation was quite simple:

Things are flowing when we’re happy, things get stuck when we’re not.

Because Happiness is our natural state. When we are in this place, we plug ourselves in the energy of “All That Is”. We are in attunement with our world, with Consciousness. We effortlessly tap into the Power that fuels all that we are and all that there is.

Happiness is so key in crafting an awesome life.

Our Joy is our Power.

It takes work to get there, but believe me and the many others who’ve done is over and over again – IT’S WORTH IT.

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