Manifesting through Joy

At the end of the day, we all just truly, gloriously

want to feel good.

We may have different goals and values, we may find ourselves in different seasons of our life, our life situations may greatly vary, whatever the case may be, I believe that we all want the same thing – Joy.

If you have been so accustomed to following “shoulds” and looking to others for clues as to how you’re gonna live your life you may find it a challenge to know how to juice Joy out of this world. You may not even believe in it, or you may have your own definitions of it that are counterproductive. You may have surrounded yourself with “false joys”, hence, you may not know what Joy organically feels to you. You may not know how to allow Joy to flourish in your own life. When you’re in this place, you would struggle with aligning with opportunities and relationships that would truly make you joyful. You may feel like you’re jumping from one thing to the next, trying to understand why things don’t work out, or you may find yourself settling into mediocre situations that are slowly sucking your passion out of you.

If these resonate, then my two quick tips below are for you *winks.

1. Be on the lookout for things that give a Joyful vibe. Set the intention that you will look for Joy all around you.


I want you to be very observant here. Look at people’s faces when they are by themselves doing what they do, when they are with another person, when they are with a group of people, when they are enamored with something they are passionate about, when they are in awe of what they find. Pay attention to what you notice about them, and how you define Joy for yourself. You will naturally gravitate towards those who are beaming with Joy. You will become familiar on how they look like, how they move, how they sound like, how they make you feel.

Bask in this vibration. “Bookmark” it in your soul so accessing it again becomes easier for you.

pusheen noodles

Personal experience: I did this a lot weeks before I manifested my new joyful/purposeful career. I would see a waitress/waiter who was oozing with Joy. They were in the flow. Their faces lighted up as they spoke with customers. It felt as though they were born to do their job, as if they were thanking me for allowing them to do it. And even if customers complained about something and were not particularly nice they were cool and collected. They remained whole.

I told myself, “Whatever she/he is having – I want that!”

2. Get into the habit of asking yourself, “What would make me Joyful in this very moment?”


Do it as soon as you wake up. Follow through with each answer that you get. Do this for each moment and each decision you’d have to make throughout the day.

Some moments would seem mundane to you in the beginning, but the truth is we never really know when significant shifts happen. One decision can lead us to the ultimate opportunity that can alter our life. Likewise, each seemingly mundane choice eventually builds up into something major.

What matters is that we get into the habit of follow our heart, of following our Joy. One Joy will lead to the next until we create a tapestry of life that is Joyful to us and those around us.

Do this religiously and be amazed at what happens.



Personal experience: After I quit my “traditional” job, instead of obsessing to get hired into a new one (which always ends up just being like the one I quit) I set the intention to be on a “Joy excursion” indefinitely. My goal was to follow my Joy in each moment, and to simply go with the flow. I couldn’t believe what happened in just a couple of weeks – I got the job I wanted (without even looking for it!), I found a dance school nearby (I roamed the city for so long), I was finally able to start redecorating my room (which was to become my work space, too), I finally decided on a tattoo design and I’ve also found the right artist. These were some of the things I was working on manifesting FOR YEARS! All those years I just couldn’t seem to get them off the ground. I didn’t know what I wanted,  I didn’t have the energy to focus and do the work needed no matter how small and the right resources just weren’t there. This time, all I did was follow my Joy – the path to all the things I wanted to manifest was shown to me. And I was able to manifest through Joy so, soooo effortlessly.



I hope you find those tips helpful. Have a blast!

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