On Grounding

This would be a sequel to my piece on manifestation.

Confusion. Unpreparedness. Powerlessness. These are just some of the things we go through as we manifest our goals. We struggle with not knowing what we want, not knowing how to proceed or not having the resources to support ourselves.

When this happens, it’s usually because we are “floating”, we are not in our seat of power. Our feet are not firmly planted on the ground, our heart isn’t anchored in its rightful place and we can be stretched out in all directions.

It makes sense that before we can start with conscious creation, we should pull ourselves together first.

Here are just some of the tips I’d like to share on grounding, steps I personally go through each time I’m feeling unstable or each time I’m trying to make something happen:

1. Regroup. Go back to the start. 


If you have lost touch of who you are, what you truly want, what you truly value in life it’s time to get to know yourself again.

Explore your thoughts and emotions. Observe how you react to the things happening around you. Pay attention to the voice in your head, to the unspoken remarks you give yourself and others. Notice when you are happy, relaxed, confident.

Express yourself. You will get to know more about who you are through any or a multiple of media. You can write poetry, try street photography, compose songs, play musical instruments, craft clay pots, draw, go dancing, cook, etc.

2. Juice out your uniqueness.


Once you are feeling more solid and stable again in who you are, start doing more of what feels like you, of what makes you feel powerful, creative, alive. Let this take you to the direction you’re being pulled into.

Allow yourself to want what you truly want. Go into full daydream mode, bask in it. Savor the emotions as you imagine your preferred outcomes. Flesh it out – write, go to places that enable you to visualize more of what you want, surround yourself with people who embody what you want, gather items that remind you of what you want, do the things that make you feel how you want to feel.

Only you can tell what’s good and true for you. You don’t have to block out other people’s opinions – instead, you should pay attention to their perception of you. They can give you pointers on who you are, what your nature is like and what could possibly truly make you happy.

Know that there are countless opportunities to become more “knowing”.

3. Embody yourself fully.


We cannot create what we truly want from a place of lack, only from a place of fullness. Likewise, we cannot manifest anything that is truly good for us if we don’t ground ourselves first.

Once you have more or less formed a juicy picture of you, with the fullness of your authenticity you may start embodying this character more.

What would this person do to feel joyful? How could this person be more truthful each day? What would this person need to feel supported?

Use your heart as a compass. Use it to identify your “good-feeling place” in each moment. The ideas, solutions and support will come towards you. You will know how to proceed.





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