An Offering


Thank you, Source – thank you each and everyone who’s a part of this Wholeness.

Thank you to all those who’ve lightened my load and also those who pulled me down. Thank you to those who’ve seen/appreciated me and also to those who were indifferent to me/have overlooked me. Thank you to those who stayed by my side through my changing moods and the changing seasons of my life as well as to those who’ve left me hanging, disappointed and hurt. I have learned that life is complex and love can truly be unconditional.

Thank you to all my past, present and future selves. Thank you to my many kinds of light and layers of shadows. Thank you to my ego, thank you to my higher self. I know better what it means to be whole now by being shattered, compartmentalized.

Thank you to all my success and all my failures. Thank you to my old dreams that I had to fold and keep in my closet. Thank you to the dreams that are still anticipating to be summoned into the physical.

Thank you, Universe, for allowing me to give Faith a chance for once and for all. Thank you for protecting all those I love. Thank you for protecting my heart even if I couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t know how/didn’t care to.

Thank you for always taking care of me, your child – forever vulnerable and wild. Hopeful. Once again I offer you all of me and whatever little I have. You know best how to maximize all that I can contribute to the Divine Whole.

I surrender. I surrender more.

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