A letter to my love, Fear

You are worried.

You are worried that I won’t matter. That I would be lonely. That I would be bruised. That I would fight for my life, but only in vain because the battle is pointless. That I won’t recover. That I won’t remember who I am – and all the possibilities I rightfully own. That I would lose my confidence.

You know – the world can be the Big Bad Wolf. You don’t wanna let me go.

You know I could be reckless. You know I would forget your words. You know I could eventually be broken by my hopes.

You want me to stay. You want the shutters down. Only blurred images through the windows are allowed.

But, I am born for this. I am born for the World. I got my way through the Unknown. I am an explorer. I don’t belong anywhere, yet I belong everywhere.

My mind belongs to the Wind. My heart is meant to be lulled by the Seas. I am made to walk on Water. My knees won’t be crushed by the cliffs. My spine can take the shock of Lightning and Thunder.

Your child is built-in glory and disaster. I am a flower and a bomb.

I know how to walk through the soft cushions and the most unforgiving of thorns.

I got this. And I got all your love.

I am always yours.

You will always be my home.

Root for me,

our hearts are One.


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