Let pain and healing grow you

What is this back hurt telling me?

That I have endured enough.
That the weight won’t be lifted.
No one is gonna save me.
No one is gonna keep those hands
from hammering onto me.

No one has my back.
I am exposed, bruised.

No one benefits from my suffering, either.
The shadows are just passing through me.
Old murmurs, the same blank faces.
Ghosts, spineless and floating.
No one cares. Truly cares.

Caring with roots that can spread into branches.

I am alone. The battle I took upon is pointless.
It has left me soulless.
I am uprooted.



What opportunity is this healing bringing me?

Redemption. Resurrection.

Closing old doors.
Moving onto the horizon.

All is lost.
But I have been found.
My new self is fetching me.
Path carrying me forward.

I don’t even have to take another step.
The momentum is not up to me.

I just have to close my eyes –
and I’ll be there.
I am there now.

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