My heart has chosen

The natural state of things is when things are flowing. When something becomes an obstruction to this flow, it can result to feelings of hurt, confusion and hopelessness.

The only way to unblock the clog is by being brave enough to admit where you’re feeling stuck, in which direction your soul doesn’t agree of letting your energy flow into.

Is it the wrong path? The wrong crowd? Goals that don’t resonate with what truly nourishes your soul? The idea of becoming this new person you don’t really like to turn into?

Whatever that may be, true clarity and guidance will only arise if you put these truths on the table. Only the truth can invite your soul to give your energy the permission to flow again.

You’re simply being hostage by yourself as a way to protect you and correct your course. Once your energy is back on this state of flow, the external circumstances in your life will start moving again as well.







This is it. It all makes sense now.
Things are really getting better.
The storm is fading out.

What makes the storm so intense is the accumulation of truths –
it’s either the breaking point or the decisive point,
depends on how you wanna to look at it.

In the eye of the storm we are forced to confront
the sum of all  the things we have become.

It’s where our past, present
and many possible futures intersect –
they flash right before our eyes.

The storm has come to ask of me,

“I will hurl at everything around you,
so you have to decide who you wanna be.
You have to let me know
which stays and which goes.”

Have I made up my mind?
The storm says this question is irrelevant.
My heart has chosen. It’s found respite.

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