Wild and Knowing

Universe-Has-Your-Back-Cards_Page_08-1This is my current spirit animal guide. She introduced herself to me, one night, as I got this impulse to go to a bookstore in search for a new oracle/tarot deck a few days ago.

I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, until I found Gabrielle Bernstein’s “The Universe Has  Your Back” deck. Since then I’ve been getting the same card in my daily readings.

This is very apt since I’ve been damn stressed lately figuring out what my “next guided step” would be. My life has been falling apart  in a major overhaul and I can’t deny that the winds of change are taking me somewhere new…and totally strange to me. I can’t help but freak out.

The recent weeks have also given me the space to take a good look at my life – who I have become and what really brings me joy. I feel more and more empowered to craft my life again, this  time in a way that is organic and personal to me.

However, I am stuck between surrendering to the flow of the Universe in which I am a part of and forging my way through my own will. Somehow, despite whatever “tool” or “strategy” I use I still couldn’t seem to have the clarity I seek.

I have so much to learn from this spirit animal who’s graced me with her presence.

To me, dragonflies are wild at heart, they don’t belong anywhere and yet they gravitate towards certain places at certain times. Their GPS is their own internal guidance system. They just “know” where to go and they know when it’s time to go.

Maybe that’s what I need to do during this time, too – to just be fully present where I am right now knowing that this is where I should be, trusting that  I will know when it’s time to move on, and that my own GPS will always guide me in my journey. I know I am being taught the lesson, too, that more often than not our life is leading us through experiences we wouldn’t probably have imagined for ourselves, because those are the experiences we need to grow and find our way back into wholeness.

Oh dearest dragonfly spirit, lead me towards the silence of my heart. May I know how to anchor myself in the present moment to receive the guidance I seek.

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